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NEW! Reversa Anti-Redness Soothing Care

reversa anti rednessNew: Reversa Anti-Redness Soothing Care was developed to protect and soothe sensitive/reactive skin prone to redness and is the latest weapon for those who deal with the challenges of rosacea.

With the use of three main ingredients, Reversa Anti-Redness Soothing Care replenishes and protects skin’s moisture barrier, which greatly improves skin comfort and helps reduce the appearance of facial redness.  Its unique formula includes:

1. Quassia amara extract: A small tropical shrub whose bark has been used for a long time in traditional medicine for various diseases. It is recognized as having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiparasitic properties. According to recent scientific studies, proliferation of parasitic mite Demodex folliculorum, normally present on human skin, is one of the causes of rosacea.

2. Niacinamide (vitamin B3): Helps restore and preserve an intact skin barrier. It also possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the appearance of redness and skin blotching.

3. Glycerin: A humectant beneficial to the skin, it helps maintain optimal hydration of the surface layers of the epidermis.

The formulation also contains squalane, a vegetable emollient which softens and smooths the skin. Squalane is a natural component of human sebum.

In a 45-day clinical study involving 30 volunteers (men and women at various stages of rosacea), twice daily application resulted in a 74% reduction in flushing and a 56% reduction in permanent redness.

With its green tint to diminish the appearance of redness, Reversa Anti-Redness Soothing Care’s formula is completely free of parabens, perfumes, oil, alcohol, PEG and silicones.  Its light and emollient texture penetrates easily into the skin and can be used under makeup.

Is this your new BFF?  Bare Faced Friend?

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Top 10 Healthy Foods

blueberriesJanuary always seems to bring with it a feeling of renewal, fresh beginnings and a chance to start again. Diet and exercise tend to be among the top resolutions made (and broken, but rethinking our choices when it comes to fueling our bodies doesn’t have to be difficult.  Here are 10 healthy foods to consider adding to your daily meals:

  1. 1. Avocado: Rich in oleic acid, avocado helps lower the risk of heart disease and is considered a “good” fat.  Try it as a replacement for cheese in sandwiches, cubed in salads, or mashed and spread on toast in the morning.  My friend swears by this.
  2. Kale: High in vitamins A, C and K, kale also packs a punch when it comes to calcium and antioxidants. Although kale has created the most hype of leafy greens of late, you may be at a loss for how to eat it.   Have you tried curly kale chips?  Black or lacinato kale, when julienned and mixed with your favorite salad dressing, holds up well when prepared in advance and kept in the fridge and can be eaten as you would coleslaw. I also like throwing some into my smoothies.
  3. Sweet potato: A great source of beta carotene, dietary fibre and vitamin A, sweet potatoes are also packed with vitamin C to boost the immune system.
  4. Blueberries: An antioxidant super food, blueberries are probably the easiest of the 10 to incorporate.  It’s hard to resist eating them by the handful when in season, but even in the middle of winter, frozen blueberries are great blended into a smoothie with bananas, milk and yogurt or thrown into hot oatmeal.
  5. Almonds: High in healthy mono-unsaturated fats, almonds may lower the risk of heart disease and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.  Keep these high fibre nuts handy when the afternoon munchies hit.
  6. Apples: Available in countless varieties year-round, apples may not seem exotic or sexy, but there’s a reason why an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Apples are full of antioxidants that fight free radicals and phytonutrients which may help prevent disease and age-related health problems.
  7. Salmon:  This popular oily fish is high in vitamins B12 and D and an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids, essential for the normal and healthy functioning of all tissues in the body.  Aim for two servings per week.
  8. Chia seeds: These tiny dark seeds are great source of short-chain, plant-based omega-3’s.  What pushes these little beauties into superstar territory? Chia seeds have three times the amount of antioxidants as blueberries and 6 grams of fibre in one tablespoon.  And unlike flax seeds, chia seeds don’t need to be ground in order for the body to absorb their nutrients. Have you tried chia pudding?  It makes for a healthy alternative to that all-time favorite, tapioca pudding.
  9. Oats:  There’s not much you can do to improve the old-fashioned goodness of oats.  A daily bowl of oatmeal provides an enviable amount of water-soluble fibre, lowers cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.  This complex carbohydrate is also rich in B vitamins, potassium and folate.
  10. Broccoli:  There are a myriad of reasons why we should love broccoli:  it’s rich in antioxidants, provides 150% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C in a single 100g serving and has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.  Finding tasty ways to serve it may be a challenge, but the key is to not overcook it as health benefits will be destroyed. Serve it with cheese and even the kids will gobble it up!

The best part of these foods is that they are all easily found at your local grocery store and easily prepared because who needs to complicate life?

Which ones do you go to when you’re trying to boost the nutritional value of your diet?

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5 Skin Care and Beauty Trends for 2015

clear_skinIt’s always interesting to see what beauty industry experts predict will be the biggest skin care and beauty trends for the upcoming year.  Miracle creams and the definitive fountain of youth don’t make the list, but here are five we can expect to hear more about in 2015:

  1. 1. Black Tea:  We’ve seen the popularity of green tea in skin care products thanks to its antioxidant polyphenols but it seems black tea is poised to give its cousin a run for its money, perhaps due to the current kombucha craze.  Kombucha is a fizzy, fermented black tea beverage which can be increasingly found in health food and grocery stores.  Kombucha is chock-full of enzymes that aid in digestion, immune system boosting vitamins and probiotics, thanks to its fermentation process.  In addition to free radical-fighting antioxidants, black tea is also high in tannins which can act as a natural astringent when used topically.
  2. Cleansing Powders:  As we steer away from environmentally damaging microbeads, old school facial cleansing powders are ready to come back in style in a big way.  In Asian, where taking care of your skin is serious business, they’ve never fallen out of favor.  The beauty of cleansing powders is the seemingly endless combinations of ingredients, from rice bran for cleansing and exfoliating to antioxidants like Vitamin E.  Using them couldn’t be more  simple: just combine a teaspoon of the cleansing powder with a bit of water in the palm of your hand, lather it up into a soft foam and gently massage over the face, rinsing well afterwards.  The unexpected bonus of using a facial cleansing powder?  It’s light for travelling and can be safely tucked into carry-on luggage.
  3. Beauty Apps:  As more and more people rely on their cell phones and electronic gadgets, cosmetic companies take it one step further by adopting apps that recommend cosmetics and skin care products based on customers’ uploaded photos.
  4. More accountability:  Most consumers are incredibly savvy and invested in knowing what’s in their skin care products, where their money goes, whether a product is environmentally green and whether a portion of the cosmetic company’s profits are put to good use socially.
  5. Customized products:  As consumers become more knowledgeable about their own skin care needs, personalized skin consultations, individualized treatments, and customized products will become more mainstream and less of a luxury item.

One disturbing prediction for 2015: a rising demand for plastic surgery by the under-30 set as “selfies” and online photo posting place even more emphasis and stress on how you look compared to everyone else.

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Kick Start 2015 with Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox

wild rose blogYou’ve put away the tree ornaments and vacuumed up the tinsel.  As we say goodbye to the season of heavy eating and indulgence, let’s not regret poor choices over the holidays. Instead, let’s focus on healthy habits for 2015. I can sure use a break from those rich hearty meals and tempting treats.  Can you?

Our best-selling Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox (now 25% off) will help you kick-start healthier eating! This simple 12 day cleansing program comes with a healthy and satisfying Meal Plan that focuses on whole foods. The Wild Rose Herbal Cookbook is an excellent addition to the plan as it is filled with recipes that will help you to enhance the Wild Rose experience.

The Wild Rose Herbal Detox Program is designed to enhance all aspects of metabolism with emphasis on supporting the function of the liver, the small intestine and the bowel (large intestine) to promote proper digestion and elimination of toxins and wastes. At the end of 12 days individuals report an increase in energy and sense of well-being. Although not designed as a weight reduction plan, many people drop a few pounds as an added bonus!

Along with a meal plan that outlines the types of foods you can eat (80% alkaline and neutral with less than 20% acid), the kit contains 4 herbal formulas:

  1. Biliherb: Stimulates bile production by the liver and its release from the gallbladder into the small intestine. Bile is necessary for proper digestion as it serves to emulsify dietary fats, enhancing their absorption. Biliherb helps to decrease cholesterol buildup in the gallbladder and aids in the prevention and dissolution of gallstones.
  2. Laxaherb: Formulated to minimize bowel irritation and stimulate elimination through a ‘laxative’ effect upon the intestinal tract.
  3. CL Herbal Extract: Designed to be an effective and complete body cleansing formula. Its diuretic properties focus on elimination of toxins through the urinary system while also acting as a specific urinary tract disinfectant.
  4. Cleansaherb: Formulated to cleanse the blood stream, muscle tissue and lymphatic system of toxic waste material and metabolic by-products.

The Wild Rose Herbal Detox is a standalone detox kit so nothing else but the recommended foods are required. However, you may want to consider purchasing the Wild Rose Herbal Detox Cookbook as well, which will make it easier to follow the diet and give you the opportunity to make your meals delicious…even gourmet. A wide selection of recipes are included.

With a 25% savings on the kit and the cookbook now until the end of January, who’s in?

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