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New Lakota Natural Pain Relievers

lakota-pmSince 2000, Lakota Herbs has been offering natural alternatives to conventional medicines. Founded by a father and son team of farmers from Northern British Columbia, Canada, Lakota has been formulating products rooted in traditional medicine and made with natural ingredients to relieve joint, muscle, back and arthritis pain. White willow bark, yucca root, devil’s claw and boswellia figure prominently in their capsule formulas while their joint & arthritis care roll-ons contain potent pain relieving natural capsaicin.

We’re proud to introduce Lakota’s latest products to the PharmacyMix family:

  • Lakota PM: Lakota PM is a pain reliever that gently aids sleep. Lakota PM includes strong natural pain relievers like White Willow bark and gentle natural sleep aids like Hops, Valerian and Melatonin. Lakota PM will give you a pain free, full night’s rest.
  • Lakota Muscle Pain Roll On: Lakota Muscle Pain Relief Roll On is a natural alternative when you’re looking for fast relief from muscle pain due to overuse, intense exercise, sprains and injury. Thanks to its exclusive natural capsaicin extract, this easy-to-apply roll on targets muscle pain for fast relief, reducing pain in minutes. Lakota Muscle Pain combines soothing birch, yarrow, balsam and juniper berry with .025% capsaicin to provide fast acting, soothing pain relief in an odorless, non-greasy formula.
  • Lakota Diabetic Foot Pain Cream: One of a kind foot pain relief! Lakota Diabetic Foot Pain Cream is the only widely available natural source pain reliever for nerve pain related to diabetes. It features one of the few natural ingredients approved by Health Canada for the relief of pain associated with nerve damage due to diabetes. The soothing cream is made with shea butter, green tea extract, peppermint oil, sunflower oil, and vitamins A and D to provide a silky smooth sensation. Lakota Diabetic Foot Pain Cream pampers the skin while relieving the pain.

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Urine In Your Skin Care

surprised blondWe’ve come across our fair share of unlikely-sounding skin care treatments, like nightingale poo, bee venom and snail slime, but this latest tops them all: urine. Yes, that’s right, urine. Amazingly, urine therapy, or urotherapy, is not a new trend, despite becoming a topic of conversation as consumers look for ever-more natural alternatives to commercial skin care products. This tradition of using one’s own waste water to clean and purify the skin goes back at least a century and in more than one culture. However, for obvious reasons, it hasn’t quite taken off as the latest bandwagon to jump onto.

Urine is made up of 95% water and 5% of other compounds such as enzymes, salts, minerals and urea. If you think urea sounds familiar, you’d be correct. We’ve written in the past about the magic of urea . As a common ingredient in many skincare products as well as a natural moisturizer in skin itself, urea does double duty as a humectant and as a keratolytic. As a humectant, urea helps attract moisture to the skin. This water-binding ability allows the skin to maintain a healthy moisture balance and to keep the skin’s protective barrier strong to resist external irritants and bacteria. As a keratolytic, urea dissolves or breaks down the outer layer of skin, allowing it to naturally exfoliate and reveal the newer, healthier skin. The result is essentially what we all want for our faces: smooth, soft and hydrated skin.

As outlandish as it may sound, there is some slight scientific basis for using urine on the face. While there is certainly a dearth of scientific research to back up claims that urine can be used as an effective way to treat eczema, acne and a host of other skin conditions, the word amongst dermatologists and skin care professionals seems to be that, in general, it would not necessarily be harmful to pee on a cotton pad and use it as a toner (followed by cleanser and moisturizer). But, using sterile formulations of commercially available toners and skin care products is a more effective way to harness the power of urea. Besides the ick factor of the whole process, the concentration of urea in urine is much less than 5% whereas widely available creams and lotions tend to hover around the more effective 10% mark.

Just in case you’re wondering, although there is urea in urine, there is no urine in commercially used, lab-synthesized urea (we do actually get asked this once in a while!).

Don’t have the stomach for this latest fad? Stick to tried and true products like Eucerin Repair Foot Cream , Dermal Therapy Cream , Ureaka Hand Cream and Flexitol Heel Balm.

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Apothekari Shea Body Butter is made with organic shea butter and infused with healing herbs, fresh oils, natural vegetarian waxes and an intoxicating blend of essential oils to heal dry, cracked and callused skin. This extra-rich, protective crème is made with the highest quality organic shea butter from Africa. It penetrates deeply to heal dry, cracked, and callused skin and is also excellent as a daily hand crème, aiding in the health of cuticles and nails.

Also known as karite, shea is indigenous to the savannah lands that extend from Senegal to eastern Uganda. Shea butter is a remarkable, all-purpose moisturizer and skin protector. It leaves the skin feeling soft and well-moisturized yet not greasy. By supporting African shea producers we help to increase the value of the living shea tree, engendering conservation of indigenous African woodland for future generations.

Combined with healing herbs, food-grade fresh vegetable oils, natural vegetable waxes, and soothing aromatic lavender water, this natural butter helps parched skin regain a fresh, supple texture. A blend of essential oils delivers a delightful, refreshing scent.

The Shea Body Butter is an excellent addition to our unique Bamboo Lemongrass Body Polish and can also be purchased as part of a gift set for an indulgent treat! When you buy the Shea Butter/Bamboo Polish set, you save 10% as compared to buying them separately.

Apothekari Shea Body Butter is the newest member of APOTHEKARI DERMACEUTICALS, our line of science-based solutions designed for the care and feeding of your skin. Manufactured in our state-of-the-art laboratory, our products are cruelty-free and made with optimal concentrations of pure, clinically safe ingredients specially designed to provide the best possible outcome for your skin type, regardless of age.

Apothekari Dermaceuticals can now be purchased three ways:

  • Online at (Free shipping $99+)
  • Online at (Free shipping $125+)
  • At our new retail partner: Pure Pharmacy – 3750 Oak Street in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Fall 2016: Skincare Trends

throwing-leavesSpring may be nature’s time for renewal but personally autumn has always felt more like a time for a fresh start. It may be the sudden appearance of boots, sweaters and encyclopedia-thick magazines in stores but fall seems to bring with it an abundance of new things to try.

Cosmetic and skincare companies also tend to introduce new products at the turning of the season. It’s early yet, but two trends seem to be dominating the scene:

1.Firming Creams: Anti-aging products are still de rigueur but often, we as consumers are impatient to see visible results. This is where firming creams come in, filling a growing demand for a product that gives both short term and long term benefits. As we age, our skin produces less collagen and elastin, both of which are essential for providing support and giving our skin a tighter appearance. In the long run, tried-and-true ingredients such as retinoids, peptides and antioxidants will address most concerns, including wrinkles, free radical damage and loss of firmness. For short term benefits, look for ingredients like kigeline and caffeine. Kigeline, a purified extract from the fruit of the Kigelia Africana tree, has shown promise in improving skin tone and preventing sagging while caffeine, when applied topically, provides a constricting effect, thus resulting in a tightening feel.

2.Masks: Although the novelty of cute animal sheet masks has begun to wear off, the fascination for masks in general has only ramped up. Not only has 2016 been the year of the sheet mask but we’ve also been introduced to splash masks and overnight sleeping masks and seen the comeback of more traditional powdered (just add water) and clay/charcoal masks that are rinsed off after 10 minutes. Skincare companies are recognizing the fact that consumers are ready to spend more time taking care of their skin. This pampering extends beyond the face. Body masks are becoming equally popular, allowing us to bring the spa experience home.

What I’m most intrigued about, however, is a peeling foot mask. After a summer spent in sandals (and enjoying every second of it), the feet are definitely in need of some specialized care. Peeling foot masks are not for the faint of heart: they not only soften and hydrate but encourage the dead skin cells to literally peel away within a few days, leaving behind baby soft feet.

Judging by the number of new versions being introduced, consumers seem to have an insatiable appetite for both these new trends.

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