Month: May 2009


Blueberries Can Deliver Skin Benefits

Recently dubbed a superfood by many experts, blueberries are not only colorful and delicious, they also pack a powerful antioxidant punch. Blueberries’ protective properties have been known since the Middle Ages and researchers have now found that they can exert three main categories of beneficial effects: vaso-protective (protection of skin’s capillaries); antioxidant activity (fighting free… Read more »


Microdermabrasion – Is It Right For You?

Microdermabrasion is a popular cosmetic procedure in which the stratum corneum (skin’s uppermost layer of dead skin cells) is removed by light abrasive activity. Originally performed in Europe during the 1980s, it’s a widely performed procedure in spas or doctor’s offices to deliver smoother and more evenly toned and textured skin. The procedure is most… Read more »