Month: June 2015


Neostrata: Cosmeceuticals Delivered

Neostrata was one of the first companies to focus on the benefits of exfoliation to skin. The exfoliating treatments even out the skin’s complexion by removing the build-up of dead cells on the surface and revealing radiant, younger-looking skin in a short period of time. Exfoliation benefits all skin types and ages especially individuals concerned… Read more »

cream on nose

Top 3 Wish List for Day Creams

I think we can all agree that we expect more nowadays from our day creams than simply hydration.  As consumers’ demands change, the beauty industry is shifting its focus to meet those requirements.  According to Mintel, the market research company that tracks and predicts consumer trends, here’s what shoppers are looking for in their daily… Read more »

gynatrof gel

Gynatrof Moisturizing Vaginal Lubricant Gel: New!

Gynatrof Gel is a non-hormonal option for the treatment of vaginal atrophy. Up to 75% of postmenopausal women experience the symptoms of vaginal atrophy yet only 1 in 4 women with symptoms seek medical help. Vaginal atrophy is a chronic condition accompanied by a range of uncomfortable symptoms – dryness, burning, itching, discomfort during sex. … Read more »