Month: January 2016

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Neostrata HQ Plus and Ultraquin Cream – 4% Hydroquinone For Skin Lightening

As we lament the current unavailability of legendary and perennial customer favorite Lustra AF Cream, we must remind ourselves that all is not lost! PhaMix carries a number of effective skin lightening products that also contain the same active ingredient: 4% hydroquinone, widely considered the gold standard in fighting hyperpigmentation: Neostrata HQ Plus Gel: Many… Read more »


Ureaka Healing Hand Cream – You’ve Found It!

No ordinary hand cream! UREAKA is a fast- absorbing, protective barrier cream for protecting and healing chapped and irritated skin. UREAKA is enriched with Urea: a unique, naturally occurring moisturizing agent that attracts water to the skin, relieves the itching that comes from extreme dryness and leaves skin feeling soft and silky smooth. UREAKA Therapeutic… Read more »