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Skincare Questions from Customers and More

Sometimes skincare questions come fast and furious from our customers who, like us, want to make sure that their products are effective and suitable for their individual needs. Here are a few of the latest: 1. Is there anything in Preparation H Cream that would thin the skin? As far as we can tell, Preparation… Read more »

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Skin Care Combinations that Work – and Don’t

In an effort to have the skin of our dreams, we’re always on the lookout for skin care products that promise to erase those wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines. Our bathroom counter is filled with bottles and jars just waiting to perform their miracles every day. Some are single-purpose, others multi-functioning but are we… Read more »

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How To Protect Your Skin Against Pollution

Daily living involves many assaults upon your skin and while we tend to focus a lot on sun protection, other factors, like pollution, are also at play. Researchers are increasingly paying attention to pollution and how long-term exposure to pollution plays a major role in premature signs of aging. Pollution is a global danger and… Read more »

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The 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine

The 10-step Korean skin care routine is legendary and, as such, has taken on mythical proportions. In North America, we tend to favor the most time-saving and efficient multi-tasking products, so a daily skin care routine that requires 10 different products, each one serving its own purpose, may seem a tad on the excessive side…. Read more »


When Hyaluronic Acid May Not Be Your Friend

Take a look around the cosmetic counters and you’ll notice that hyaluronic acid (HA)has become the hot ingredient this year, and for good reason. What is hyaluronic acid? A naturally occurring substance found in the body, it helps with wound healing, acts as a lubricant between joints, is found in the spaces between the skin’s… Read more »

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Why Hypoallergenic in Skin Care May Be Inaccurate

When choosing products for ourselves or our family, we often opt for products labelled “hypoallergenic” with the belief that they are gentler, safer and won’t cause allergic reactions. In fact, the term hypoallergenic simply conveys the manufacturer’s claim that their product is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction but not a guarantee.   Like… Read more »

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Skin Care Questions: What You’re Asking Us

We are well known for our selection of Anthelios sunscreens, but our customers also come to us with questions about other skin care concerns. Read on to find out what they’ve been asking about lately: your questions, our answers. 1. My skin is very sensitive. Which is the best sun damage treatment? Successful treatment of… Read more »